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With cutting edge BAS technology, the Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers 16 Watts of 360-Degree sound - capable of filling any room with your favorite music. Cylindrical architecture ensures that you have the highest quality listening experience from every angle imaginable.


very long lasting

With up to 30 hours of play time, standby auto shut-off, low battery warning, and a built in power bank that can even charge your other devices, the Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker will keep the party rockin' from start to finish.



Don't let a little bit of rain spoil your fun. The Celtic Blu Bluetooth Speaker offers protection from a splash of water in any direction for at least 5 minutes. Not to mention Shockproof and Stain Resistant.


auxiliary remote control

For Cyclists: No need to bend down or stop to control the unit - NEW for 2017: Remote now has a Volume Adjustment Button. Making it safe and convenient to change your music. 

For Backpackers: No need to take out the unit. You are free to take control anytime.

For Leisure and Micro SD Card Users: You don't need to reach for your device or speaker, just control the unit with your fingers.

bonus: 2-way echo dot and Google Home Mini connection

Indoors: with our Bluetooth Connection and Microphone you will have a considerably higher quality audio experience and freedom to have access to "Alexa" and "Hey Google" from just about anywhere in your home.

Outdoors: with our Power Bank and Large Battery you can plug both voice-controlled devices into the speaker which gives you the opportunity to spend some time outside with voice commands on hand.



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