Why Celtic Blu?

In conclusion, the consumers were extremely positive in their reviews of the Celtic Blu Tallboy speaker. This is arguably the highest rated speaker we have ever reviewed.
— Speakerauthority.net

Celtic Blu Tallboy Speaker Review by Speaker Authority

Celtic Blu Tallboy Speaker Review | Speaker Authority 4.8 (96%) | "The Celtic Blu Tallboy Bluetooth speaker is the most versatile speaker we have ever reviewed here at Speaker Authority. This device has just about everything you could ever want in a Bluetooth speaker."

I absolutely love this speaker. It is loud and the quality of music is clear not fuzzy at all
— Shannon Mccurdy, Celtic Blu Customer
Powerful, durable, and virsatile
— Justin Wexler, Celtic Blu Customer
Best Blue Tooth item for your money
— Andres Lopez, Celtic Blu Customer
You’ll love the 360-degree sound
— Daniel, Celtic Blu Customer
Mounted it to my Harley-Dyna-Switchback ... and love it
— Rose. Celtic Blu Customer
This is the best gift that I ever bought my husband
— Amber Belkin , Celtic Blu Customer

"the TallBoy by Celtic Blu has all the top Must-Have and many of the Nice-to-Have features that aren't found in your typical Bluetooth speaker."

16W Power 

With larger 2.0 inch speakers and 1.0 inch magnets, the Tallboy blows away the majority of the competition providing more power and volume. Perfect for use when background noise is present.

360 Degree Audio

Most speakers are front facing, the Tallboy spreads audio in 360 degrees, dispersing your music evenly from every angle.

Auxiliary Remote Control

The Tallboy was designed with ease of use in mind for the active individual. The remote control provides the following features: (1) Pause/Play/Answer/Mode (2) Previous/Next Song (4) Built-in-microphone (4) NEW for 2017 Volume Adjustment Making it Safer and more Convenient.

6000mAh Battery

Typical speakers run around 5 to 15 hours at medium volume, the Tallboy can last up to 30 hours and includes an Auto Off function after 10 minutes of non-use.

Bluetooth Connection up to 100 ft.

 Don't limit yourself to the typical 33 ft. range of a standard Bluetooth speaker. The Tallboy will allow you to listen and change your tracks from up to 100 ft.

Versatile Cage

The Tallboy includes a cage that can attach almost anywhere on a bike and even an ATV, Golf Cart or boat. It is age-resistant, durable, and can be pulled 180 degrees apart without changing shape.

Power Bank

 Never let your devices die again. The Tallboy comes with a built in two-way power bank which can charge your other devices (Smartphone, iPod, Echo Dot etc.).

FM Radio

The Tallboy's built in antenna makes it easy to pick up your favorite radio stations.

TF Slot

For Micro SD Cards up to 32GB of storage you can ensure your files (MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC) are always ready to play.


 The built-in microphone provides clear, hands-free telephone calls, stopping the music so you don't have to. 

Water Resistant, Shockproof, Stain Resistant

 For rugged outdoor use


The Tallboy also comes with: Carabiner Clip, 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable, USB Cable, User Manual in English and Spanish


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